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FARZANEH MILANI femme de l’année

lundi 18 juin 2012, par Collectif LP

Farzaneh Milani chercheuse et spécialiste de la littérature iranienne vient d’être nommée Femme de l’Année par une fondation iranienne aux Etat-unis. Son dernier livre Words Not Swords est publié en France aux Editions Lettres Persanes sour le titre : Les mots sont mes armes. Voir nos articles sur farzaneh Milani sur ce site.

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University of Virginia professor Farzaneh Milani, who chairs the Department Middle of Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures in the College of Arts & Sciences, named "Woman of the Year" by the Iranian Women Studies Foundation at the group’s annual conference in Cambridge, Mass. Last year, Milani authored "Words Not Swords : Iranian Women Writers and the Freedom of Movement." The book challenges what she sees as the narrow Western stereotype of the shrouded, oppressed Muslim woman, who is a captive of her faith and her veil.

Milani — born and raised in Teheran and educated in French and American schools — used the lens of poetry, literature and film to argue in the book that Iranian women’s true struggle is not against the veil, but for freedom of movement — the ability to choose where to go.

Her 1992 book, "Veils and Words : The Emerging Voices of Iranian Women Writers," is also widely acclaimed and now in its 16th printing. This documentary produced by the IWSF and directed by Hasan Sarbakhshian.

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